Who are we?

Lucky Blow is a Arab-Latina owned brand on a mission to help break stigmas around the plant, one lucky bong at a time.

When repurposing vintage homeware, we take our time with these pieces as we envision the spaces that they'll adorn. We aim to turn an everyday experience into livable art by creating a more unique smoking ritual. Collecting and displaying pieces that are beautiful, special, and authentic is a Lucky practice. 

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  • sustainable

    Upcycling and reviving these gorgeous vintage pieces gives them a second life. Reduce waste by reusing a vase!

  • easy to maintain

    Worry about how your piece might hold up over time? These pieces are easy to clean and keep looking pristine.

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  • enhanced experience

    Waterpipes can offer improved filtration, dosing, and flower conservation as opposed other methods of consumption!